Briefing Generator

The Situation Generator tells you what's really going on. However, that doesn't always have anything to do with what the Transcendentals tell your team to do. Here's a way to take the actual mission and cover it with 95% pure confusion.

You should use the Situation Generator first, so you can drop in the relevant civilizations. Be ready to create a quick "cover" situation that accounts for discepancies between the mission briefing and the actual upcoming events.

Roll four dice, and use them on the following charts. Be ready to re-roll, as overly bizarre briefings may occasionally result - it is a random generation system, after all. Insert appropriate items into the parentheses.

1: You Must…

  1. Wormhole to (civilization),
  2. Wormhole to (location),
  3. Travel to (location), which is under a wormhole interdiction field,
  4. Speak with (NPC),
  5. Attend (event),
  6. Negotiate with (large group),
  7. Infiltrate (large group),
  8. Find and apprehend (NPC),
  9. Defend the Patent Office's recent actions to (large group),
  10. Take a vacation on (world),

2: And…

  1. Unnoticed.
  2. Individually.
  3. With an open mind.
  4. As soon as possible.
  5. At your convenience.
  6. Before (date).
  7. Not before (date).
  8. With (NPC).
  9. In disguise.
  10. As an official mouth of the Transcendentals.

3: Then you will…

  1. Avoid human contact,
  2. Investigate the use of (technology),
  3. Prevent the activation of (technology),
  4. Speak with (NPC)
  5. Prevent the spread of (technology),
  6. Observe,
  7. Insure that intellectual property law is being followed,
  8. Act as mediators,
  9. Make contact with (group),
  10. Be the target of an attack,

4: After which…

  1. We have no further information at this time.
  2. You should be prepared for conflict.
  3. You should work as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.
  4. You can take a week off.
  5. You will be updated in situ.
  6. You will be unable to return for three weeks.
  7. Backup will be available as you need it.
  8. You should contact the Home Office.
  9. You should stand ready for a new mission immediately.
  10. You will have to use your best judgement.


We've polished these up a little so they flow together more effectively.

8,1,1,5: You must find and apprehend (so-and-so), unnoticed. You should then avoid human contact. We will have additional information for you at that time.

4,6,5,9: You must speak with (this guy) before next Tuesday at 8:15 AM. Prevent him from spreading the device he has created. Once you accomplish this there will be a follow-up mission immediately.

7,3,2,2: Infiltrate (Cargo Cult) with an open mind. You must prevent them from using (device), but be prepared for conflict.

3,5,6,1: Travel to (location) at your convenience. Be warned that it is under a wormhole interdiction field, so direct transit is impossible. You are there only to observe. We have no further information for you at this time.

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