Chargen: Finishing Touches

Dataform Characters: If your character has no body (for instance, if you are a digital intelligence or are run in simulation), you should remove your Biotech score, and possibly your Nanotech and Stringtech scores as well. You should adjust your Neuroform to be Dataform rather than Physical.

Group-Minds: You may have a character who is composed of many interacting sub-units, such as a group-mind or symbiotic starship. This is represented by setting your Neuroform to Multiple rather than Single. Consider whether you want to be large enough to qualify for the Infrastructure descriptor. If you do, it will increase your Tech score by 1, thus lowering your Import.

Starships: You may own a starship. Set Capabilities for the starship, and use the starship's Capabilities instead of yours (unless yours are higher) for calculating your Tech score. If the starship qualifies for Infrastructure, the effects are the same as above.

Name your character and you're ready to play!


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