Chargen: Import and Tech

Now that you have the rest of your character complete, you can find your Import and Tech scores, and the Twists and Reserve points that are based on them.

Tech: Your Tech score represents the amount of technological enhancement built into your character and any enhanced levels of skill that character may have. To find your Tech score, average your character’s two strongest Capabilities (round down) and subtract 1. Your choice of Expertise may affect your Tech score.

Reserve: Your maximum number of Reserve points is equal to your Tech score. Reserve is used to push your character’s innate abilities. If your Tech score is 0, you will still have 1 point of Reserve.

Import: Your starting Import is 10 minus your Tech score.

Twists: You start each session with a number of Twists equal to your Import. You can hold up to 10 Twists at once.

Game Effects for Twists:

  • Twists are spent through Themes to create Complications and Advantages.
  • When you willingly take a Complication to get more Twists, subtract your Tech score from the number of Twists you receive.
  • You can gain Twists in the following ways:
    • The Bad Luck Rule, in which the GM offers you Twists in exchange for turning one of your answers from one of the Four Questions from “yes” to “no.” The number of Twists is equal to the level of Complication that ensues, minus your Tech score, with a minimum of one.
    • If you have a CV rated at 3 or higher, you receive one extra Twist each time you suffer a Complication related to that CV. You do not receive this extra Twist for your Self-Preservation CV.
    • If your neurotype is Slaved or Parasitic and you suffer for it, you gain Twists in the same way you would for bad luck.
    • The first time during a gaming session that your GM overrules the use of a Theme for a Trivial Effect, you gain a Twist.
    • Your GM may decide give you Twists at any time, for any reason.

Game Effects for Reserve:

  • You regain a point of Reserve every night that you get enough rest. You regain an additional point while resting if you have a Core Value rated at 3 or higher that matches up with your current Project. You cannot exceed your maximum Reserve.
  • You can spend a point of Reserve to:
    • Change a "no" to a "maybe," or a "maybe" to a "yes," in Basic Actions.
    • Escalate or de-escalate a Conflict, if you have an appropriate CV.
    • Buy steps on the time ladder for your current Project, at a 1:1 rate, up to the level of an applicable CV.

Once you have your Import and Tech scores, put the finishing touches on your character.


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  2. Society
  3. Neuroform
  4. Core Values
  5. Themes
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  8. Import and Tech
  9. Finishing Touches
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