Chargen: Society

Some characters belong to a Society. Societies are groups that spread across multiple civilizations, with members on many different planets.

If you choose to be part of an existing Society, write that Society’s Core Value on your list of CVs. When that CV is rated at 3 or higher, you receive the Society’s special benefit. If it drops below 3, you lose the benefit. You will eventually lose membership in the Society if you lose the CV entirely.

You may wish to invent a Society for your character. Even in games where the GM has required that you choose from a set list of Civilizations, you should feel free to ask about creating your own Society. If you create a unique Society for your character, consider how this Society would fit into multiple different Civilizations. Think about how it is seen by outsiders, and how its members view each other. You can also select a benefit. Society benefits are typically focused on the skills that a member of that society needs. They might offer a competitive advantage in a particular Profession, an extra point of Reserve that can be used with a particular Profession, or a special Profession that only members of that Society can have. The special Profession should be broader than usual, covering the same ground as two standard Professions.

Whether or not you choose to be part of a Society, move on to Neuroform.


  1. Civilization
  2. Society
  3. Neuroform
  4. Core Values
  5. Themes
  6. Capabilities
  7. Expertise
  8. Import and Tech
  9. Finishing Touches
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