Crib Sheets

Sorcerously Advanced

For players, we've got a Crib Sheet with (hopefully) everything you'd want to reference during play.

For Game Masters, you'll want to use the Group Sheet from SA2 below.

Sufficiently Advanced Second Edition

For players, the black-and-white Character Sheet has a cheat sheet on the second page.

For Game Masters, the Group Sheet, which helps you track the Core Values for your party.

Sufficiently Advanced First Edition

S.A. fan Dom Mooney created this wonderful Crib Sheet, including all manner of helpful references for the game - the conflict flowchart, descriptors, complications, reserve, you name it. His goal was to make referencing the book unnecessary for a player who's familiar with the game. It's 3 pages long, and only 132k to download.

He also made four other sheets:

  • A quick explanation for the character sheet
  • A crib sheet for Themes, useful during play and character creation
  • A reference for Core Values, mostly useful in character creation
  • A character creation 'cheat sheet' that shows the core civilizations, professions, societies and capabilities.

And here's a Character Sheet.

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