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The Main Office
Significant info for the game
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New versions, revisions, and so forth.
33210by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
17 Feb 2020 16:50Jump!
Where we fix our mistakes.
920by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
17 Jun 2018 19:18Jump!
Post logs of your games here. The more detailed the better!
1699by The Phantom SqueeThe Phantom Squee
31 Mar 2016 06:20Jump!
Work on supplements and revisions
2531890by ConjuredBladeConjuredBlade
20 Sep 2020 21:08Jump!
Rules Discussion
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Capabilities, Professions, Reserve, and everything that uses them.
33199by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
03 Apr 2020 13:53Jump!
Themes, Twists, and Story Triggers
1484by 1of31of3
11 Jul 2011 16:33Jump!
Alternative rules systems, player/character level interaction, and anything else.
2385by AidenWIPAidenWIP
01 Aug 2017 02:03Jump!
When one system loves another system very much...
933by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
08 Jan 2014 18:39Jump!
Setting Discussion
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For talk about the game's existing setting.
73321by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
06 Aug 2020 21:52Jump!
Have you created a new civilization for use in your own game? Post it here!
2745by PilgrimPilgrim
25 May 2020 04:24Jump!
Civilizations that didn't make it. Go nuts.
1134by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
02 May 2014 15:13Jump!
Secret or not.
1441by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
10 Jan 2018 02:07Jump!
Post your own characters here!
1430by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
10 Jan 2018 02:10Jump!
Images, songs, perhaps even videos.
35by PilgrimPilgrim
09 Sep 2018 04:14Jump!
Sorcerously Advanced
Material specifically for the magically-oriented spinoff game
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New Founts, Paths, Traditions, and discussions about the nature of magic.
26by ConjuredBladeConjuredBlade
20 Dec 2018 23:32Jump!
Civilizations, societies, Unruly Lands, and more
23by IriothIrioth
29 Aug 2018 02:55Jump!
Books, artwork, and anything else that says high magic.
1416by ConjuredBladeConjuredBlade
14 Mar 2020 08:09Jump!
Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.
Challenges & Contests
For those who like a little friendly competition.
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Don't like 'em? Tell us how to get rid of 'em.
820by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
19 Jan 2016 15:59Jump!
Invent new pieces of Chronotech!
1020by FredferkFredferk
22 Apr 2015 17:10Jump!
Post an interesting character that you can make with the 2nd Edition Quickstart rules. Winners get included in the Alpha build.
1534by TauCetiTauCeti
07 Jan 2015 01:44Jump!
Who wants to live forever? Me, that's who.
1143by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
26 Dec 2009 03:02Jump!
What can you think of to get a single person into orbit?
1228by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
26 Dec 2009 02:53Jump!
What's the ideal computer?
610by PneumonicaPneumonica
23 May 2008 21:37Jump!
For inclusion in an upcoming supplement.
1052by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
01 Jul 2013 15:43Jump!
For inclusion in an upcoming supplement.
1892by PilgrimPilgrim
24 Apr 2009 21:48Jump!
Orion's Arm Project
Using SA and OA to enrich each other.
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1417by PilgrimPilgrim
06 Feb 2015 04:10Jump!
1625by PilgrimPilgrim
24 Aug 2009 21:36Jump!
3758by PilgrimPilgrim
24 Aug 2009 21:46Jump!
The Real World
The insufficiently advanced one, I suppose.
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What's coming up? What promises do we see in the future? Post links here, and feel free to discuss.
7296by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
29 Mar 2016 13:32Jump!
Talk about whatever.
4494by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
23 Sep 2019 15:00Jump!

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