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The Main Office
Significant info for the game
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New versions, revisions, and so forth.
31206by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
12 Jul 2016 14:47Jump!
Where we fix our mistakes.
920by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
17 Jun 2018 19:18Jump!
Post logs of your games here. The more detailed the better!
1699by The Phantom SqueeThe Phantom Squee
31 Mar 2016 06:20Jump!
Work on supplements and revisions
1841078by ConjuredBladeConjuredBlade
20 Jun 2018 18:00Jump!
Rules Discussion
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Capabilities, Professions, Reserve, and everything that uses them.
32197by HeartlessmmmkayHeartlessmmmkay
29 Jan 2015 17:16Jump!
Themes, Twists, and Story Triggers
1484by 1of31of3
11 Jul 2011 16:33Jump!
Alternative rules systems, player/character level interaction, and anything else.
2385by AidenWIPAidenWIP
01 Aug 2017 02:03Jump!
When one system loves another system very much...
933by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
08 Jan 2014 18:39Jump!
Setting Discussion
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For talk about the game's existing setting.
66301by David McK-BDavid McK-B
10 Jan 2018 18:45Jump!
Have you created a new civilization for use in your own game? Post it here!
2643by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
10 Jan 2018 02:19Jump!
Civilizations that didn't make it. Go nuts.
1134by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
02 May 2014 15:13Jump!
Secret or not.
1441by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
10 Jan 2018 02:07Jump!
Post your own characters here!
1430by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
10 Jan 2018 02:10Jump!
Images, songs, perhaps even videos.
24by PilgrimPilgrim
19 Nov 2016 04:16Jump!
Sorcerously Advanced
Material specifically for the magically-oriented spinoff game
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New Founts, Paths, Traditions, and discussions about the nature of magic.
Civilizations, societies, Unruly Lands, and more
Books, artwork, and anything else that says high magic.
Anything that doesn't fit into the other categories.
Challenges & Contests
For those who like a little friendly competition.
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Don't like 'em? Tell us how to get rid of 'em.
820by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
19 Jan 2016 15:59Jump!
Invent new pieces of Chronotech!
1020by FredferkFredferk
22 Apr 2015 17:10Jump!
Post an interesting character that you can make with the 2nd Edition Quickstart rules. Winners get included in the Alpha build.
1534by TauCetiTauCeti
07 Jan 2015 01:44Jump!
Who wants to live forever? Me, that's who.
1143by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
26 Dec 2009 03:02Jump!
What can you think of to get a single person into orbit?
1228by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
26 Dec 2009 02:53Jump!
What's the ideal computer?
610by PneumonicaPneumonica
23 May 2008 21:37Jump!
For inclusion in an upcoming supplement.
1052by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
01 Jul 2013 15:43Jump!
For inclusion in an upcoming supplement.
1892by PilgrimPilgrim
24 Apr 2009 21:48Jump!
Orion's Arm Project
Using SA and OA to enrich each other.
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1417by PilgrimPilgrim
06 Feb 2015 04:10Jump!
1625by PilgrimPilgrim
24 Aug 2009 21:36Jump!
3758by PilgrimPilgrim
24 Aug 2009 21:46Jump!
The Real World
The insufficiently advanced one, I suppose.
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What's coming up? What promises do we see in the future? Post links here, and feel free to discuss.
7296by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
29 Mar 2016 13:32Jump!
Talk about whatever.
4290by Colin_FredericksColin_Fredericks
31 Jan 2018 15:23Jump!

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