Game Play: Plots

Plots are an extension of normal Theme use. They are a way to spend Twists, sometimes dozens of them, over a long period of time, in order to create significant changes in the game world.

In order to create a Plot, all three of the following criteria must be met:

  • The events and resolution of the Plot must be related to one or more of your character’s Themes, including the Descriptor.
  • At least one of your character’s Core Values must be related to the Plot. Ideally, that CV would be either reaffirmed or eroded by the completion of the Plot.
  • Your character must somehow be involved. This may be directly (as an instigator), indirectly (through support), or even as a bystander swept up in the events. You cannot merely benefit from the Plot, you must be there for it.

If those criteria are met, you may spend Twists over the course of multiple game sessions in order to create a Complication or Advantage from the Large-Scale Effects list.

Multiple characters may spend Twists to speed a Plot to its resolution. One character will be the “lead” for a particular Plot during each session, and is allowed to spend as many Twists as he or she desires. Other players who are involved must still have their characters meet the criteria, but may only spend one Twist each per session. You can spend Twists at any time to add to the Plot’s total.

GM Involvement

GMs can create their own Plots for the players to spend Twists on, and may add Twists to existing Plots as well. Each time the players willingly take a Complication, you can choose to give that player an extra Twist, and also add a Twist to a particular Plot. The Complication doesn’t need to be directly related to the Plot at hand, but the character must be somehow involved.

There may also be times when a Plot would weaken or cheapen the GM’s story, or the GM’s planned story would do the same to a player’s Plot. In such situations, the GM can veto a Plot, or ask that it be delayed until after a certain event. This veto power should be used immediately when the Plot is created, and any Twists spent on the Plot should be refunded. We recommend that this veto be used as rarely as possible.


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