Immortality Challenge

This challenge is closed

The Goal: Describe any and all known obstacles to human immortality. For each one, describe something that can remove/overcome this obstacle that exists in the S.A. universe.

Fair Assumptions: There are almost certainly obstacles to human immortality that will not appear until humans have longer lifespans, but we will not consider those here. You only need to examine existing, known obstacles rather than speculating on new ones.


  1. The winner of this contest will be the participant who comes up with the lowest-tech solutions to each problem.
  2. Listing problems < theoretical solution methods < possible solution technologies
  3. Clarity counts.
  4. As usual, points will be awarded for creativity.
  5. The winner of this challenge will set the official tech level for immortality in the next revision of SA. (It will probably be 1-2 points higher than the highest listed solution TL, to account for the Fair Assumptions comment.)

You may post your entries in the Forum.

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