Fara Althea Ammon

Criminal underling looking to expand

Civilization: Cargo Cults
Society: Organized Crime

Themes: Magnetism (Budding Crime Lord) 2, Plot Immunity (Strings to Pull) 2, Comprehension (Exploitation Opportunities) 4

CVs: Ritual 4, Worship 6, Solidarity 7, Independence 7

Capabilities: Bio 2, Cog 3, Meta 3, Nano 3, String 4

Professions: Criminal 4, Locality (Cargo Cult) 5

Notes: Fara is into big-time crime, but she's never had the backing or the opportunity to be more than a stooge for her boss. She's liable to jump at any opportunity that presents itself, and visitors from another world definitely fall into that category. She wouldn't screw over her old boss (more than business requires), but she's ready to be out from under his thumb.

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