Annika Demaine

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Civilization: Cargo Cults
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (New Uses for Old Tech) 3, Plot Immunity (Fortuitous Malfunctions) 3, Intrigue (Eavesdropper) 2

CVs: Ritual 7, Worship 2, Recklessness 4, The Future 6

Capabilities: Bio 2, Cog 3, Meta 2, Nano 2, String 2

Professions: Religious 3, Stringtech Engineer 3, Locality (Cargo Cult) 5

Notes: Annika is from a cult that's had a couple interstellar visitors. She realizes that if her tiny civilization is to compete at all, they need every bit of advantage they can get, and so she experiments with technology both old and new, reinterpreting old scriptures and occasionally inventing new access prayers on her own. Her methods would sometimes be considered heretical, but she has a purpose and is unlikely to let it go. She would love to get her hands on the devices the "aliens" used, and hopefully their "prayer books" as well.

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