Xi-ming Hau

Soldier with an arsenal of magic weapons

Civilization: Cargo Cults
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Cunning Strategem) 3, Romance (Fellow Soldiers) 3, Comprehension (Battle Plans) 2

CVs: Ritual 7, Worship 2, The Forge Of Battle 6, Brotherhood 6

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 2, Meta 2, Nano 5, String 5

Professions: Soldier 3 Locality (Cargo Cult) 5

Notes: Hau's cult was founded by a survivalist militia, who brought the best and most reliable weapons they could find. Some were even self-repairing, and it is these "God-Weapons" that the current batch of cultists use to wage war on each other. Hau has recently been promoted, which included implanting him with some of these indestructible weapons. His people consider him to be half-god. He tries not to think about it.

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