Independent Engineer

Oswald Proteus, a well traveled engineer/architect with grand ideas.

Civilization: Independents
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Plans ahead) 3, Comprehension (Attention to detail) 4

CVs: Self-Reliance 4, Teamwork 5, Grand Works 6, Diligence 7

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 6, Meta 3, Nano 6, String 7

Professions: Artist (Simulations and Architect) 4, Artist (Drawing and Modeling) 4, Athlete (Nullball) 2, Athlete (soccer) 2, Engineer (String) 5, Engineer (Nano) 6, Locality (Independents) 7, Locality (Spacer) 4, Spacer 4, Teacher 3

Age: 107

Notes: Oswald (Ozzie to his friends), is an engineer and architech with a growing reputation. He's built a beanstalk, space stations, buildings and on and on. He's worked with the Spacers and greatly respects and admires their culture (in fact, he'll go out of his way to hire Spacer contractors for his projects). While not as smoothe as some of his more famous colleagues, he is well thought of in his profession and known for fostering new talent - he has no shortage of student interns. He uses a mesh and has Crisis Control and Finance lenses on hand. Like all Independents he uses slightly different technology from the rest of the universe. They act with +1 effectiveness, but with -1 when it comes to countermeasures and defenses, for anything dealing with their tech scores. This also applies to Independent-built equipment.

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