Independent Mad Scientist

Eccentric string tech researcher.

Civilization: Independents
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (Intuitive) 3, Comprehension (String) 2

CVs: Self-reliance 7, Teamwork 1, Invention 10, Entitlement 4

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 6, Meta 2, Nano 5, String 8

Professions: Stringtech Research 4, Stringtech Engineer 7, Locality (Independent) 5

Notes: Gonzalo "Gonzo" Fortinbras is cutting edge researcher from the League of Independent Worlds - and he'll tell you that, usually on first meeting you. But sadly he's not as bleeding edge as he likes to think. He isn't stupid or ignorant though - Gonzo designs and builds his own apparatus setting him apart from most researchers a point of pride for him. Like all Independents he uses slightly different technology from the rest of the universe. They act with +1 effectiveness, but with -1 when it comes to countermeasures and defenses, for anything dealing with their tech scores. This also applies to Independent-built equipment.

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