Independent Politician

A clever politician and lawyer

Civilization: Independents
Society: None.

Themes: Empathy (Charming) 3, Magnetism (Political) 3, Comprehension (Word games & puns) 1

CVs: Self-Reliance 6, Teamwork 8, Peace 3, My Constituents 4

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 5, Meta 6, Nano 3, String 2

Professions: Legal 6, Political 6, Locality (Independent) 5, Media 5

Age: 146, apparently mid-forties.

Notes: Isabella Siward is an established and clever politician in Independent Space. She's been in office for nearly 20 years now. While she campaigns fiercely for re-election, she genuinely cares about her constituents. If you had to pick an image for a politician with a conscience, Isabella would be it. To relax, she plays word games and puns. Like all Independents she uses slightly different technology from the rest of the universe. They act with +1 effectiveness, but with -1 when it comes to countermeasures and defenses, for anything dealing with their tech scores. This also applies to Independent-built equipment.

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