Public Safety Officer

A good cop.

Civilization: Independents
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Badass) 4, Empathy (Good cop) 3

CVs: Self-reliance 3, Teamwork 7, Security 4, Community 2

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 4, Meta 4, Nano 5, String 7

Professions: Police 6, Locality (Independent) 5

Age: 80, apparently a weathered but very fit late 30's.

Notes: Frederick Pistol always disliked his name, and when he went into public safety, people thought he'd lost his mind. To the casual observer it was surprise - to him and his career councilor, it made perfect sense. Since then, he has survived and thrived in the job. Despite his surname, he goes out of his way to avoid violence and prefers less-lethal weapons. He has survived an exciting and interesting sixty year career in public safety doing everything from talking down suicides to dealing with terrorists. Like all Independents he uses slightly different technology from the rest of the universe. They act with +1 effectiveness, but with -1 when it comes to countermeasures and defenses, for anything dealing with their tech scores. This also applies to Independent-built equipment.

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