Logician City Planner

Young and reserved man in plain, efficient clothes.

Civilization: Logicians
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Its all in the details) 2, Comprehension (Efficiency) 3, Comprehension (Details) 3

CVs: Logic 6, Efficiency 7, Expansion 4, Details 5

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 5, Meta 2, Nano 2, String 2

Professions: Metatech Engineer 5, Locality (Logicians) 7

Age: 40

Notes: Hinadosa Sabeena is a man in demand - he is a social engineer. Not a conman, but a community and civilization planner. He has worked on numerous projects through human space (though largely in Logician space) and seen a number of civilizations. To that end, he has a mesh with a persona lens to make him more considerate and easygoing. He also wears a Competence lens for whatever locality he's in at level 3. Like all Logicians, he is immune to emotional appeals and the Romance Theme.

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