Minor Logician Lord

Intense looking middle aged woman.

Civilization: Logicians
Societies: High Society, Hyperevolutes

Themes: Magnetism (Intensity) 4, Intrigue (Political) 3

CVs: Logic 4, Efficiency 6, Good Breeding 4, Heirarchy 8

Capabilities: Bio 7, Cog 5, Meta 2, Nano 5, String 2

Professions: Political 6, Legal 6, Locality (Logicians) 5, Media 5, Crisis Control 6, Financial 3

Age: 170

Notes:Manisha Waman is a logical product of Logician society - wealthy, capable and quite willing to stay on top of things. A member of both High Society and the Hyperevolutes, she uses her advantages to good end to benefit her people and family. She does have a mesh and keeps a suite of competence lenses at the highest ability handy (Locality 5 (whichever she's in), Courtesan 4, Medical 4, Spacer 3).

She can buy moderately expensive items without concern and expensive ones by dipping into her savings. Her Biotech is considered one point higher for the purpose of resisting disease and old age. She can exceed their civilization’s maximum Cognitech and Biotech by one without suffering Plot Score reduction. Like all Logicians, she is immune to emotional appeals and the Romance Theme.

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