Logician Mathematician

Gracile woman with an impatient, distracted air.

Civilization: Logicians
Society: Hyperevolutes

Themes: Intrigue (Veteran at academic infighting) 3, Comprehension (Its all mathematics) 4

CVs: Logic 10, Efficiency 7, Exploration 4, Completeness 5

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 6, Meta 1, Nano 5, String 2

Professions: Cognitech Researcher 7, Programmer 4, Locality (Logicians) 5

Age: 50+

Notes: Not many people outside of academic mathematical circles like Damodari Elango. She's brusque, inconsiderate and impatient. In short, the stereotypical Logician. She's a veteran of climbing political pole in academic circles and runs a small consulting business on the side.
She has a mesh and typicall keeps it loaded with a Financial 5 lens and keeps on hand the following lenses: Crisis Control, Teacher and Medical. Immune to emotional appeals. Immune to the Romance Theme. Her Biotech is considered one point higher for the purpose of resisting disease and old age. She can exceed their civilization’s maximum Cognitech and Biotech by one without suffering Plot Score reduction.

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