Logician Security

Tall fit man with a aquiline profile, light brown skin and close cut black hair.

Civilization: Logician
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (small details and the big picture) 4, Romance (unintended crushes) 1

CVs: Logic 2, Efficiency 4, Law 8, Calm 3

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 3, Meta 1, Nano 8, String 6

Professions: Police 6, Locality (Logicians) 6, Legal 3

Age: 97

Notes: Bubhutsu Mhambrey is a tall regal looking senior Logician security lieutenant. He's supremely good at his job and 'enjoys' it as much as any Logician can. He's also very good looking (members of other civilizations have described him as 'yummy') which has lead to a host of unique problems because he just doesn't understand the emotions involved with everyone around him. Like all Logicians, he is immune to emotional appeals and the Romance Theme.

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