A diplomat specializing in sensitive matters.

Civilization: Masquerade
Society: None

Themes: Empathy (Spill Your Guts) 3, Romance (Matchmaker) 2

CVs: Identity 4, Anonymity 2, Peace 6, Connection 4

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 5 Meta 8, Nano 5, String 3

Professions: Political 8, Spy 3, Locality (Masquerade) 5, Locality (Tao, Stardwellers, and Mechanica) 5

Notes: Her name means "we asked for her, and behold, we got her" in Yoruba. She also sometimes goes by Adanna ("Father's Daughter"), Ayo ("Joy"), or Esi ("Born on Sunday"). Abeni is her face when she's negotiating between the Masquerade's allies, which is where she spends most of her time. She believes in a deep, unspoken connection between all living beings. Like everyone in the Masquerade, Abeni can identify anyone she's met before regardless of disguises or changes.

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