Traveling performer similar to an old Vaudville act - a little of everything

Civilization: Masquerade
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (All Part of the Act) 3, Magnetism (Beloved Celebrity) 2

CVs: Identity 4, Anonymity 3, Excitement 4, Independence 2

Capabilities: Bio 9, Cog 5, Meta 7, Nano 5, String 5

Professions: Artist (dancer, singer) 7, Courtesan  4, Media 5, Locality (Masquerade) 7

Notes: Name means "He who inspires awe." Also known as Dayo ("Joy arrives"), Ekundayo ("Sorrow becomes joy"), and Ndidi ("Patience"). Tafari mostly performs for children, presenting amazing feats and singing stories to them. Ndidi is his somewhat more serious persona, dancing with and entertaining adults. Like everyone in the Masquerade, Tafari can identify anyone he's met before regardless of disguises or changes.

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