Secretive mask-maker

Civilization: Masquerade
Society: None

Themes: Magnetism (Well-Known Masquerader) 1, Comprehension (Inner Desires) 3, Intrigue (Who's Really Behind This?) 3

CVs: Identity 4, Anonymity 10, Creation 6, Complexity 4

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 4, Meta 6, Nano 6 String 2

Professions: Nanotech Engineer 7, Programmer  5, Locality (Masquerade) 6

Notes: Name means "We trust". Also known as Lumusi ("Born face down"), Nkemdilim ("Let mine be mine"), Enitan ("Person of Story"), and half a dozen other names. Sithembile changes gender on a regular basis, and moves around often. A very secretive person who understands others quite well. Sithembile creates modern masks, which often have significant amounts of technology built in, and has been doing it for a long time. The Creation CV deals with artistic endeavors in this case. Like everyone in the Masquerade, Sithembile can identify anyone he or she has met before regardless of disguises or changes.

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