A one-woman biology research laboratory

Civilization: Masquerade
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (Biotech) 2, Plot Immunity 3 (Countermeasures Prepared)

CVs: Identity 6, Anonymity 7, Logic 4, Elegance  6

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 6, Meta 3, Nano 8, String 3

Professions: Biotech Researcher 8, Teacher 4, Locality (Masquerade) 5, Locality (Logicians) 3

Notes: Her name means "Light," as in the light of knowledge. Also known as Tichaona ("We Will See"), Katlego ("Success") and Ramla ("Prophetess"), depending on how well her work is going. Her Elegance CV refers to scientific and mathematical beauty, not physical grace. She can use it in attempts to simplify her findings. Lesedi travels to unusual places in Masquerader space, collects microbes and other small life forms, and analyzes them within her own body. Like everyone in the Masquerade, Lesedi can identify anyone she's met before regardless of disguises or changes.

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