Triningant Gold

An amazing handsome bronze and gold statue of man, accurate in every detail down to the hairs.

Civilization: Mechanica
Society: Hyperevolutes

Themes: Plot Immunity (Contingency Plans) 5

CVs: Humanity 3, Experimentation 8, Efficiency 5

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 6, Meta 4, Nano 8, String 8

Artist (Sculpture, cybernetics) 6
Financial 4
Locality (Mechanica) 5
Medical 6
Researcher (Biotech) 6

Age: 94
Lifespan: 220
Triningant Gold is a surgeon and cybernetics designer that is currently in vogue on Mechanica. His designs are beautiful and effective, a far change from most of the popular body designs. He's also a walking advertisement for his wares, incorporating his best aesthetics and some state of the art equipment.
Notes: Mechanicans may substitute their Stringtech or Nanotech scores for Biotech in almost all situations. The exception is when dealing with age and with poisons and diseases that actually penetrate to their living parts. All Mechanicans have a neural mesh, regardless of their Cognitech score.

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