A strikingly attractive human female, whose appearance varies courtesy of body changes and cosmetic alterations to the bodies.

Civilization: Mechanican
Society: None


CVs: Humanity 5, Details 6, Reciprocation 6

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 5, Meta 4, Nano 8, String 6

Courtesan 2
Financial 4
Legal 4
Locality (Mechanica) 6
Locality (Independents) 3
Locality (Masquerade) 3
Media 4
Political 4

Age: 73
Lifespan: 120

Notes: GX1299 is a Mechanican 'fixer' who helps solve problems of wide ranging scopes and natures. She has facilitated deals with the Independents and Masqueraders, as well as other civilizations and societies. As such, she's well thought of and sought out for her services. Her body is usually customized to change appearances (height, skin color, hair color, eye color) to make it easier to interact with clients.
GX1299 may substitute ner Stringtech or Nanotech scores for Biotech in almost all situations. The exception is when dealing with age
and with poisons and diseases that actually penetrate to her living parts. All Mechanicans have a neural mesh, regardless of their Cognitech score.

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