788 q12

Traditionalist legislator

Civilization: Mechanica
Society: none

Themes: Magnetism (People's Politician) 4, Intrigue (Big City Insider) 4

CVs: Humanity 5, Order 4, One Coin One Vote  6

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 3, Meta 4, Nano 5, String 5

Professions: Financial 3, Politics 4, Locality (Mechanica) 5

Notes: q12 carefully saved her money to get where she is, which appeals to many low-income Mechanicans, as well as to the public faces of the corporations she takes donations from. She is at the center of her party's social web. Like all Mechanicans, q12 has a mechanical body and can substitute her Nano or String for almost any roll that would normally fall under Biotech. She also has a mesh.

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