Blue Shield

Mechanican Police Officer

Civilization: Mechanica
Society: none

Themes: Plot Immunity (Backup Arrives) 3, Comprehension (Criminals) 2

CVs: Humanity 4, The Law 7, Fellow Officers 5

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 3, Meta 2 Nano 7, String 8

Professions: Police 4, Locality (Mechanica) 6

Notes: As his name indicates, Blue Shield takes his job very seriously. He's a career beat cop, and isn't interested in becoming a detective, though his superiors agree he has an excellent insight into the criminal mind. His chassis is large but friendly-looking. Like all Mechanicans, Blue Shield has a mechanical body and can substitute his Nano or String for almost any roll that would normally fall under Biotech. He also has a mesh.

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