John Henry

Anti-cybernetics rebel

Civilization: Mechanica
Society: none

Themes: Magnetism (Social Ideoloue) 1, Plot Immunity (Inconvenient Timing) 3, Romance (Unusual Folks) 2, Intrigue (Rebel Network) 3

CVs: Humanity 8, The Body 8, Freedom 6

Capabilities: Bio 2, Cog 2, Meta 3, Nano 2, String 2

Professions: Outdoorsman 2, Farmer 3, Locality (Mechanica) 4

Notes: John's Locality score is intentionally lower than usual because he spends little time interacting with the core of Mechanican society. His Plot Immunity covers other, more enhanced Mechanicans stepping in and saving his bacon, which really undermines his position. He knows a lot of other rebels and talks to them often. Like all Mechanicans, John has a mesh.

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