Old Worlder Farmer

A rugged looking middle aged woman wearing durable clothing

Civilization: Old Worlder
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Looks harmless) 4, Empathy (Good listener) 3, Romance (long-term) 2

CVs: Tradition 3, Simplicity 4, Growth 7, Worship 4, Family 6

Capabilities: Bio 2, Cog 2, Meta 2, Nano 2, String 2

Professions: Farmer 5, Locality (Old-Worlder) 5

Age: 45

Notes: Katie Fisher, aka 'Widow' Fisher has run a successful and profitable farm for 15 years, all the while raising her 3 children. In that time she's learned a lot about human nature (and how to keep several long term love affairs quiet).
Old-Worlders may pick an additional core value of their choice (giving them a total of five). It may be an ideal, a person, a place, or a cause. “Worship” or a similar religious belief are common choices. In addition, they suffer no low-tech penalties when using their skills.

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