Old-Worlder Teacher

A youngish looking woman with lively eyes and smile lines.

Civilization: Old Worlder
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (Read about it) 5, Magnetism (Respected) 2, Empathy (sympathetic authority figure) 2

CVs: Tradition 4, Simplicity 7, Growing Up Right 8, Knowledge 5, My Students 4

Capabilities: Bio 2, Cog 3, Meta 2, Nano 3, String 2

Professions: Teacher 5, Locality (Old-worlders) 5

Age: 45

Notes: Sarah Lapp is one of the instructors in Middleton high school. She's well thought of by her students and their parents, though the students usually think better of her once they've graduated. She's quick to notice bad behavior, or the evidence for it, and talk to the perpetrator. Many have had crushes on her, but her husband, Sheriff Lapp, scares off most of them.
Old-Worlders may pick an additional core value of their choice (giving them a total of five). It may be an ideal, a person, a place, or a cause. “Worship” or a similar religious belief are common choices. In addition, they suffer no low-tech penalties when using their skills.

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