Replicant Athlete

Iana Gratia Septimus, Professional Bloodcrosse Player

Civilization: Replicants
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Hard as diamond) 3, Romance (Stunning) 2

CVs: Life 8, Safety 3, Winning 6, Physical Perfection 9

Capabilities: Bio 9, Cog 5, Meta 5, Nano 5, String 4

Professions: Athlete (Bloodcrosse) 8, Legal 2, Courtesan 4 (free), Police 1, Locality (Replicants) 7


Notes: Iana is a pro bloodcrosse player (imagine lacrosse played with melee weapons and no foul rules and closer to Indian stickball) and has sometimes played as her own team. She's on her 7th iteration at this point (its a rough 'sport'). Right now she's on a sabbatical and seeing what the rest of human space is like. Like all Replicants receive a leisure Profession (Athlete, Courtesan, or Outdoorsman) at level 4 for free.

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