Replicant Judge V2

Rufus Occius Primus

Civilization: Replicants
Society: None
Neuroform: Baseline Dynamic

Themes: Empathy (Matters of law), Magnetism (Gravitas), Terror (I Have Done Wrong)

CVs: Life 3, Safety 4, Law 3, Logic 1

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 4, Meta 3, Nano 3, String 1

Expertise: Satori: Legal 4. Professional: Political 3, Police 2, Media 1, Athlete (Martial Arts, Parasailing) 2, Locality (Replicants) 2

Tech: 4 / Import: 6

Notes: Rufus is elegant. Tall, refined and with a deep voice, Rufus is a successful and effective judge in the Replicant krytocracy. He also has lots of admirers - some from his legal decisions, some from his striking appearance. Outside of his job, he practices mixed martial arts combat (to vent his frustrations he says) as well as clear his mind.

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