Replicant Outdoorsman V2

Cato Ulpius Secundus, ranger and outdoorsman.

Civilization: Replicants
Society: None
Neuroform: Baseline Dynamic

Themes: Action (Tough), Romance (Experienced), Wonder (New Vistas)

CVs: Life 4, Safety 1, Exploration 4, Serenity 2, Self-Preservation 4

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 3, Meta 2, Nano 3, String 4

Expertise: Professional. Outdoorsman 3, Medical 2, Explorer 1, Athlete 2 (Climbing, Running), Locality (Replicants) 2

Tech: 3 / Import: 7

Notes: Cato was a ranger in one of their numerous parks. Along the way, his Exploration CV lead him away from the same old paths in the parks and off world. There he's put his skills to good use, from working (of course) as a park ranger, to a freelance guide. All Replicants receive an extra two Twists each session that can be used to represent doing something with their multiple selves. They also receive a leisure Profession (Athlete, Courtesan, or Outdoorsman) at 2.

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