Replicant Therapist V2

Domitian or Domitilla Fontius Quartus

Civilization: Replicants
Society: None
Neuroform: Baseline Dynamic

Themes: Empathy (Open), Comprehension (Intuitive), Romance (fun)

CVs: Life 2, Safety 2, Sanity 3, Understanding 4

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 3, Meta 3, Nano 3, String 1

Expertise: Adept (Metatech). Metatech Engineer 3, Metatech Researcher 3, Teacher 3, Media 3, Cognitech Researcher 3. Professional: Medical 3, Courtesan 2, Legal 2, Political 1, Locality (Replicants) 2

Tech: 3 / Import: 7

Notes: Domitian (or Domitilla - he (or she) changes sex frequently) is a therapist from Replicant space and known as Dom to friends. Dom became a counselor after resolving eir own issues and wanted to share the gift of sanity and understanding with others. This is the fourth version that Dom has sent out into the wider universe. Dom has a mesh and usually has the lenses for the Locality e's in, Teacher and Medical. And, oh yeah, a Spy lens. That's a story in itself…

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