Inihue, Roamer Con Artist

Silver-tongued devil who is quick to part fools from money.

Civilization: Roamers
Society: Organized Crime

Themes: Intrigue (Instant Insider) 3, Empathy (Trustworthy) 3, Romance (Exotic) 1

CVs: Secrecy 6, Wanderlust 8, Freedom 4, Solidarity 6

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 5, Meta 7, Nano 5, String 2

Professions: Criminal 5, Locality (Roamer) 5, Locality (Masquerade) 3, Locality (Independent Worlds) 3

Notes: Inihue is a Roamer who helps give them the reputation they have - as con artists and thieves. She is quite capable at convincing individuals to trust her and her charm allows her access to things that she otherwise should not have access to. She's also a mid-level figure in a Roamer criminal network. Like all Roamers, she receives two free twists each game, which may only be spent through Empathy, and only applies to other Roamers.

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