Roamer Entertainer

An intense, athletic young woman.

Civilization: Roamers
Society: Artisans

Themes: Plot Immunity (Its all part of the act) 3, Romance (Intense) 2

CVs: Secrecy 5, Wanderlust 5, Individuality 3, Excitement 4

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 6, Meta 8, Nano 8, String 3

Professions: Artist (Dancer, Singer) 7, Artist (Performance, Clowning) 5, Athlete (Acrobatics) 4, Athlete (Gymnastics) 4, Courtesan 3, Locality (Roamers) 6, Media 3

Age: 94

Notes: Svitlana is one of the mainstay of the Roamers legitimate enterprises - she's an entertainer and a gifted one at that. Like her sister, she worked her way up through the choruses and the clowning. Unlike her, she found them an end unto themselves, so much so she joined the Artisans. Like all Roamers, she receives two free twists each game, which may only be spent through Empathy, and only applies to other Roamers.

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