Gua Nis, Roamer Pathfinder

Young looking male with colorful clothes, a backpack and an easy smile. And many, many questions.

Civilization: Roamers
Society: None

Themes: Empathy 3 - nice guy, Empathy 2 - trustworthy
CVs: Secrecy 7, Wanderlust 6, Information 4, Low Profile 6

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 6, Meta 8, Nano 8, String 3

Professions: Locality (Roamer) 5, Locality (Union) 3, Explorer 5, Outdoorsman 5, Spy 5, Soldier 2

Age: 72

Notes: Gua Nis is one of those rarities among the Roamers - a pathfinder. He travels alone to find new business - both espionage and entertainment - on a multitude of worlds. He's seen most of the civilizations around (and has the competence lenses from it). He wound up with this job by making it into Union controlled space for almost a year before he made his way out.
He has a neural mesh (with Localities for all Civilizations at 3, Criminal 4), some of the best survival and exploration gear the Roamers can lay hands on and an amazing collection of Remotes and surveillance gear.
Like all Roamers, he receives two free twists each game, which may only be spent through Empathy, and only applies to other Roamers.

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