Radka, Roamer Ringmaster

A strong willed boss and entertainer.

Civilization: Roamers
Society: None

Themes: Plot Immunity (Support Network) 1, Magnetism (Fame, Convincing) 3, Romance (Unexpected and One Night Stands) 3

CVs: Secrecy 3, Wanderlust 4, Profit 7, Showmanship 8

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 5, Meta 7, Nano 5, String 3

Professions: Artist (dancing, acting) 4, Athlete (acrobat, juggling) 3/4, Financial 4, Political 3, Media 5, Locality (Roamer) 6

Age: 110, but appears a well preserved mid forties.

Notes: Radka is a member of a family of entertainers and is good at it. Beginning as a clown and in the chorus, she worked her way up to heading her own band. Today, she works to make her band one of the best in the Roamers. Like all Roamers, she receives two free twists each game, which may only be spent through Empathy, and only applies to other Roamers.

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