Spacer Captain

Lean, saturnine looking man with close cut red hair.

Civilization: Spacer
Society: None

Themes: Intrigue (Political) 3, Magnetism (Political) 4

CVs: Independence 6, Diligence 4, Unity 8, Tradition 4

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 5, Meta 6, Nano 5, String 4

Professions: Legal 5, Political 7, Soldier 5, Spacer 5, Locality (Spacer) 6


Notes: Captain Cheslov Zotkin leads the Nevsky in its missions. He's climbed the greasy poll and stayed there (and intends to stay there). He has lead ever since he was young (in charge of his Youth Damage Control team). He is dedicated to keeping the Nevsky together and in alliance with other Spacer vessels.
Spacers are able to conquer any fear whatsoever, and act normally in the face of terror. They have no phobias. They also receive the Spacer profession at level 4.

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