Spacer Engineer

A stocky clean shaven man with a mustache.

Civilization: Spacers
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (Nanotech) 4, Comprehension (Recycling) 2, Comprehension (Creative) 1

CVs: Independence 7, Diligence 8, Creativity 6, Recycling 3

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 6, Meta 3, Nano 7, String 4

Professions: Nanotech Engineer 6, Stringtech Engineer 6, Spacer 4, Locality (Spacer) 5, Artist (Sculpture, Modeling) 5

Age: 87

Notes: Marat Udovin is a young up and coming engineer on the Nevsky. A stereotypical spacer in many ways, he cares deeply about the job he's doing and making sure its done right. He's also a bit of a throw back to the earlier days of the ships by being very creative in what he does. Yes, he'll use the textbook solution first, but if that won't work, he'll try something new. He's also cares about recycling (his first assignment where he honed his abilities with nanotech) and as a result he tends to re-use items where he can. It also bleeds over into his hobby - model making. He uses scrap that he scavenges or purchases wherever he can. And he's getting good at it too, becoming known through the ship (especially among the children).
Spacers are able to conquer any fear whatsoever, and act normally in the face of terror. They have no phobias. They also receive the Spacer profession at level 4.

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