Spacer Programmer

Lethally charming, good looking and utterly captivating young man with straight black hair in a fashionable cut.

Civilization: Spacer
Society: None

Themes: Comprehension (Programming) 3, Romance (Experienced) 4

CVs: Independence 6, Diligence 5, Teamwork 3, Variety 4

Capabilities: Bio 5, Cog 6, Meta 5, Nano 5, String 2

Professions: Courtesan 5, Spacer 4, Locality (Spacer) 5, and Programmer 7

Age: 70

Notes: Tychon Orlov is a lieutenant in information services aboard the Nevsky. He's very good at his job, which is a good thing - or they'd have broken him back to able spacer for some of his romantic problems. He's been in numerous relationships (married three times) and an admitted omnisexual and incurable flirt. However, when on the job he's all business and a very good programmer. Personality wise, he's flirtatious, cunning, clever and a bit of man of action.
Spacers are able to conquer any fear whatsoever, and act normally in the face of terror. They have no phobias. They also receive the Spacer profession at level 4.

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