Spacer Purser

Tall man with curly hair and a distracted air.

Civilization: Spacer
Society: None

Themes: Intrigue (Getting ahead) 2, Intrigue (Into everything) 5

CVs: Independence 6, Diligence 5, Getting the best deal 5, Getting ahead 4

Capabilities: Bio 4, Cog 5, Meta 6, Nano 4, String 3

Professions: Finance 7, Politics 3, Spacer 5, Locality (Spacers) 5, Locality (Stardwellers) 3, Locality (Disciples of the Void) 4.

Age: 120

Notes: Lieutenant Commander Vladimir Gorenko is possibly one of the busiest men aboard the Nevsky - he's the Officer for Ship's Services, aka the Purser. He's reponsible for a multitude of things (food, perishables, finances, schedules, etc.) and heads a large staff to make sure its done and done right. Despite his rank, he's equivalent to the First Officer on the organizational chart and is honestly looking for a transfer to a position that could move him up the promotional ladder.
Spacers are able to conquer any fear whatsoever, and act normally in the face of terror. They have no phobias. They also receive the Spacer profession at level 4.

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