Spacer Researcher

Dignified slavic looking woman with a broad mouth and blonde hair.

Civilization: Spacer
Society: None

Themes: Magnetism (Capable Attorney) 3, Intrigue (Has the Captain's ear) 4

CVs: Independence 6, Diligence 5, Teamwork 3, Knowledge 4

Capabilities: Bio 3, Cog 7, Meta 5, Nano 5, String 2

Professions: Engineer (Metatech) 6, Legal 6, Spacer 4, Locality (Spacer) 5, and Research (Metatech) 7

Age: 115

Notes: Galina Priloutskaya is a metatech researcher aboard the Nevsky. She has worked carefully and closely with Captain Zotkin to tweak the Nevsky into stability. She loves her work, and is very, very good at it. Most often, she studies memes aboard the ship looking for attempts to subvert the ship, as well as treating those that have been exposed to deleterious memes. Related to it, she's also a practicing attorney and frequently assists outsiders that run afoul of the law aboard the Nevsky. She has a mesh and keeps lenses for Crisis Control, Politics and Media at hand, plus Locality lenses for her clients and any that the Nevsky works with.
Spacers are able to conquer any fear whatsoever, and act normally in the face of terror. They have no phobias. They also receive the Spacer profession at level 4.

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