Jeweled Galaxy

Financier and investor

Civilization: Stardwellers
Society: none

Themes: Plot Immunity (Throw Money At It) 3, Magnetism (Corporate Investors) 2

CVs: Freedom 4, Diversity 3, Responsibility 6, Accountability 7

Capabilities: Bio 7, Cog 8, Meta 7, Nano 5, String 5

Professions: Financial 9, Metatech Engineer 8, Metatech Researcher 8, Locality (Stardweller) 5, Locality (Mechanica) 3

Notes: As one of the wealthier individuals in the Armada, Galaxy is responsible for half a dozen large ships and innumerable smaller ones. A portion of all their profits accrues to her directly. She also uses psychohistory to maps long-term trends in the Stardwellers and other civilizations in order to predict how best to invest in the future. Like all Stardwellers, Jeweled Galaxy is perfectly comfortable in zero gravity.

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