Farms the Void

Homebody and resource point

Civilization: Stardwellers
Society: none

Themes: Intrigue (Stardweller Rumor Network) 2, Empathy (Shoulder to Lean On) 3

CVs: Freedom 5, Diversity 6, Home 4, Community 6

Capabilities: Bio 6, Cog 6, Meta 5, Nano 8, String 7

Professions: Spacer 5, Nanotech Engineer 4, Crisis Control 5, Teacher 7, Locality (Stardweller) 6, Locality (Spacer) 4, Locality (Masquerade) 3

Notes: Farms is among the many members of the Armada who don't go out exploring. He takes care of the "home front," raising young Stardwellers, and keeping the larger ships intact. He's not particularly old by his civilization's standards, but he does enjoy a certain amount of calm and maturity that help to balance the civilization. Like all Stardwellers, Farms the Void is perfectly comfortable in zero-g.

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