Light Of Future Days

Enthusiastic experimenter and human guinea pig

Civilization: Stardwellers
Society: none

Themes: Comprehension (Novel Applications for Old Devices) 2, Intrigue (Reads All the Journals) 3

CVs: Freedom 4, Diversity 7, New Things 8, Experimentation 4

Capabilities: Bio 10, Cog 7, Meta 5, Nano 10, String 8

Professions: Nanotech Engineer 8, Stringtech Researcher 4, Biotech Engineer 6, Crisis Control 6, Locality (Stardweller) 5, Locality (Stored) 3

Notes: Light is a total technology junkie, craving anything new and different. She's likely to try out almost any sort of invention for money, and spends most of that money on other concepts and devices. Like all Stardwellers, Light is perfectly comfortable in zero-g.

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