Rides the Comet

Intergalactic traveler and planetary explorer

Civilization: Stardwellers
Society: none

Themes: Romance (Fleeting) 3, Comprehension (Escape Routes) 2

CVs: Freedom 7, Diversity 6, Wanderlust 6, Discovery 8

Capabilities: Bio 8, Cog 5, Meta 6, Nano 10, String 6

Professions: Explorer 7, Outdoorsman 3, Courtesan 4, Locality (Stardweller) 5, Locality (Cargo Cults)  4, Locality (Independents) 3

Notes: Rides the Comet is a first-in specialist, traveling to new planets and assessing their viability for colonization. Comet's Comprehension score is not the same as Plot Immunity (Escape Routes). Being able to see and understand them is not the same as being able to use them. Like all Stardwellers, Comet is perfectly comfortable in zero-g.

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