Stored Artist

Projects the image of a strikingly beautiful woman with piercing purple eyes and moving hair.

Civilization: The Stored
Society: None

Themes: Magnetism (striking) 5

CVs: Life 4, Identity 7, Creation 6, Immersion 8

Capabilities: Bio n/a, Cog 7, Meta 8, Nano 3, String 2

Professions: Artist (VR and music) 10, Artist (Writing and singing) 8, Media 6, Locality (Stored) 5, Locality (Masquerade) 5, Locality (Stardwellers) 4, Programmer 5, Courtesan 4

Age: 145

Notes: Violetta Colombo is a rising star among the Stored artistic community, and gaining a cross over audience beyond. Getting a start in setting up games, she gained notice for her imaginative, tightly designed VR environments, and the music she used to enhance the effects. Before long, she was heading up projects and soon after that, she was selling her own works for their entertainment value. Since then, wherever there is widespread use of the Infosphere, she has found sales. This has lead to showings and tours in Masquerade and Stardweller space, and one among the Spacers looks likely.
As a wealthy Stored, she has a variety of remotes ranging from abstract sculpture, to tiny, to characters from her VR's and one that looks like her original body (with minor alterations).

The Stored use their Nanotech and Stringtech scores only when defending their server. They often have help in this, as many Stored tend to build their servers together. They use the Nanotech score of any remotes they control. They have no Biotech scores except in simulation. They exist solely in the infosphere, but are otherwise treated as normal characters.

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