Stored Criminal

Image varies, but typically ortho human female of varying ethnic extractions. Usually pilots a spider like remote of some sort.

Civilization: Stored
Society: Organzed Crime

Themes: Plot Immunity (Plans ahead) 4, Comprehension (system vulnerabilities) 3

CVs: Life 4, Identity 6, Solidarity 6, Hacker Ethic 8

Capabilities: Bio N/A, Cog 7, Meta 7, Nano 7, String 7

Professions: Courtesan 2, Criminal 7, Crisis Control 5, Financial 5, Legal 4, Locality (Stored) 5, Locality (Masquerade) 5, Locality (Mechanica) 6, Locality (Replicants) 3, Media 3, Political 3, Programmer 8, Spy 5,Teacher 6

Age: 260

Notes: Olivia Savides is a hacker with few equals. There may be smarter ones, there may be ones that pulled off bigger, more impressive hacks, but fewer are as slippery as she is. She has been pulling off hacks and embarassing the rich and powerful for over a hundred years now, putting together teams of hackers to pull of the 'impossible.' Usually, the impossible involves systematic research and social engineering. Currently, she is wanted in Mechanican and Replicant controlled space for exposing things that the powerful would rather keep hidden.
The Stored use their Nanotech and Stringtech scores only when defending their server. They often have help in this, as many Stored tend to build their servers together. They use the Nanotech score of any remotes they control. They have no Biotech scores except in simulation. They exist solely in the infosphere, but are otherwise treated as normal characters.

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